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To professionalize the product based advisory and specialized advisory services, FPSB India has established AFP Certification which is targeted at existing professionals who want to upgrade their knowledge about Financial Planning without undergoing the entire CFP Certification Program. The various Certifications available under this option are:

S.No. AFP Certification Category of Financial Advisors Qualifying Exam Validity Certification Fees
1 AFP Certification (Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning) Insurance Advisors Exam 1 1 Year Rs. 2,360
2 AFP Certification (Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits) Insurance Advisors & Retirement Planners Exam 2 1 Year Rs. 2,360
3 AFP Certification (Investment Planning) MF Distributors, Stock Brokers, Portfolio Managers Exam 3 1 Year Rs. 2,360
4 AFP Certification (Tax Planning & Estate Planning) Income Tax Consultants Exam 4 1 Year Rs. 2,360

Application Procedure

The Procedure to pursue the AFP Certification is similar to that for CFP Certification i.e.

    Register as a Student of CFP Certification Program under “Regular Pathway”
    Register & undergo the Education Program from an Authorized Education Partner
    Clear FPSB India’s Qualifying Examination facilitated by NSE
    Apply for one or all four AFP Certifications using Online Account

Benefits of AFP Certification

    AFP Certificate of respective AFP Certification
    Certificant would be eligible to put AFP or Associate Financial Planner against his/her name for e.g. Ram Kumar, AFP (Investment Planning) or Ram Kumar, Associate Financial Planner (Investment Planning)

Renewal Process of AFP Certification

    The AFP Certification is valid for one year from the date of issuance
    Login on "Login Area" on FPSB India Website and click on AFP Certification Renewal
    Make payment of Rs. 1,500 towards AFP Certification
    A New Certificate is dispatched to the candidate after activation

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