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Call for Article/Paper/Case Study

Financial Planning Journal invites professionals/ practitioners/ academicians/ industry participants/ FPSB India members to submit an original Article/ Paper/ Case Study for publication in the Financial Planning Journal. The content of the Article/ Paper may dwell upon any topic relevant to the Financial Planning Profession or the Financial Services Industry.(Please find below the list of suggested article topics for your ready reference)The article/paper should be original piece of work and should not be scheduled for publication elsewhere.


Submission Guidelines for Authors

   Content : Topics relevant, contemporary and thought-provoking for Financial Planning Professionals
   Length: Around 1500 words
   Abstract of the Article : Describe the article in around 100 words
   Supportive Material: Tables, drawings, graphs, charts etc are recommended & welcome
   Email ID of Author/s :FPSB India shall forward the responses to the published article on this mail ID.
   Photo of the Author/s : A high resolution (in TIFF format with minimum 1 MB in size) photograph of the author/s

Suggested Article Topics

(Financial Planning Journal)


   Role of Banks in Financial Planning
   Offering Financial Planning services through banking channels
   Reverse Mortgage from Client’s and Bank’s perspective
   Indian Banks’ technical infrastructure to discharge a custodian’s role in a holistic Financial Planning exercise
   Understanding the requirements of Indian HNWI’s
   Credit /Loan Planning
   Anatomy of Home Loans
   Investment in Fixed Income Securities
   Education Loans
   NRI Banking

Financial Planning Practice Issues

   Approaches to assessment of Clients Risk Tolerance
   Loyality Drivers in Financial Services
   Using technology and software for service delivery
   Ethical practices and professional conduct
   Gaining trust and confidence of clients
   Referral Management: Getting and managing referrals
   Providing support mechanism to the financial advisors
   Complaints management & meeting client’s expectations
   Compliance issues in practice
   Back office management
   Transformation from single planner organization to multi-planner organization
   Relevance & use of services from professionals like CAs, lawyers and doctors for practice
   Pathway for up gradation of insurance advisors to Financial Planners
   Building a Financial Planning practice
   Challenges in building a Financial Planning practice
   Behavioral aspects, counseling/questioning techniques for clients
   Business model development for aspiring Financial Planners
   Retiring from Financial Planning practice & business continuity planning
   Revenue streams for Financial Planners. Fee, Commission, Combination etc

Industry and Macro-Environment Issues

   Transformation of financial product salesman to professional adviser
   Catering to the booming Indian Middle Class.
   Expanding the investors’ base in Equities and Mutual Funds.
   Embracing the Financial Planning process at institutional level among insurance, mutual fund, distribution, equity brokerage and banking companies.
   Providing Financial Planning services at retail level
   Regulation of Financial Planners / advisors in India
   Creating Financial Literacy among Indian Masses
   KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) Opportunities for Financial Planners in India
   Investor Education & Promotion in the India
   Channeling savings of Indian households for economic prosperity
   Financial Planning for rural community

Investment Planning

   Currency Futures: Integrating the same with offshore Investing
   Evolution of Structured Products
   Investment Strategy through Assured Return instruments
   Investing in Commodities – directly and through derivatives
   Exchange Traded Funds as a strategy for investment
   Investing in Hedge Funds
   Interest Rate Derivatives
   Pros and cons of using tax-efficient mutual funds/ investment instruments
   Private equity investments- issues and opportunities for investors
   Building and managing portfolio with Mutual Funds
   Derivative strategies
   Socially responsible investing
   International investing
   Investing in direct real estate
   Does sector investing fit into asset allocation? How?
   Alternative Investment products

Portfolio Management

   Investment planning when the client owns a high concentration of company stock
   Collectibles: Investing and portfolio issues involving art, antiques, etc
   Active versus passive investment management
   Asset allocation strategies
   Pros and cons of using index funds in portfolio
   Value versus Growth: How to determine the proper allocation of value and growth disciplines within a portfolio
   Managing client expectations

Retirement Planning

   Retirement plan distribution strategies, such as timing withdrawals from retirement accounts, taxable funds
   Non-financial retirement issues: how do clients envision their retirement, where do they want to live, what do they want to do in retirement?
   Early retirement strategies
   Management of retirement health care costs

Insurance Planning

   Approaches to Insurance need valuation. Income Replacement versus Expense approach valuation.
   Micro Insurance
   Long term care insurance
   Mediclaim policies and Health Insurance
   Comparison of different types of policies
   Disability insurance
   New trends in investment oriented life insurance
   Effect of Insurance planning on taxes
   Insurance Planning and taxes

Tax Planning

    Tax Planning for ownership of more than one house property
    Taxation of Debt Mutual Funds
    Tax strategies for high net worth individuals
    Comprehensive Tax Planning for a Salaried Individual/Self Employed/Businessman
    Capital Gains
    Documentation and filing of returns
    NRI Taxation
    Taxation related to House Property
    Tax Saving Instruments

Estate Planning

    Planning for incapacity: Living wills, power of attorney, etc.
    Advanced estate planning topics, especially trusts
    Multigenerational estate planning
    Charitable planning trends and techniques
    Use of investment products in estate planning

Financial Planning for Businessmen and SMEs

    Business succession planning: Estate tax issues; steps to make a successful transition; practical solutions to equality issues of passing on the business
    Selecting the right entity for the small business
    Small-business retirement plans. What’s the right plan?td>
    Addressing the insurance needs of the small-business owner: property and casualty, key person, business continuation, disability, liability, fiduciary liability, etc.

Planning Specialties

    Pre-marriage planning. Planning for the soon-to-wed or the just married couple.
    Financial Planning for Double Income No Kids (DINK) couples.
    Financial and Estate Planning for Dual Income Families
    Elder care issues. Housing choices, care of personal finances, incapacity, etc.
    Addressing the needs of middle income clients
    Financial Planning for young
    Divorce planning: The nuts and bolts of financially assisting clients through divorce, the division of property, etc.
    Planning of sudden wealth and inheritance
    Financial Planning for the super HNIs
    Multi-generational Financial Planning
    Financial Planning for the self-employed
    Planning for Buying a House/Flat
    Planning for NRIs
    Planning Higher Studies and Studying Abroad
    Planning for Professionals like Doctors, Architects, Lawyers etc
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