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On completion of the education, examination, and experience requirements, the candidate applying for CFP Certification has to sign ethics declaration. Prior to certification, the candidates will be required to disclose past or pending litigation or agency proceedings, and to acknowledge the right of FPSB India to enforce its Professional Standards through its Disciplinary Rules and Procedures. By fulfilling this requirement, the candidate demonstrates to the public that he/she has agreed to provide personal Financial Planning in the client's best interest and to act in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards for the practice of Financial Planning. The Ethics & Professional Standards are enforced by FPSB India’s Board of Professional Review.

Code of Ethics

FPSB India adopted the Code of Ethics to establish the highest principles and standards. These Principles are general statements expressing the ethical and professional ideals Certificants are expected to display in their professional activities. As such, the Principles are aspirational in character and provide a source of guidance for Certificants. The Principles form the basis of FPSB India's Rules of Conduct , Practice Guidelines and Disciplinary Rules and these together reflect FPSB India's recognition of Certificants' responsibilities to the public, clients, colleagues and employers.

Code of Ethics

Rules of Conduct

The Rules of Conduct establish the high standards expected of Certificants and describe the level of professionalism required of Certificants. The Rules of Conduct are binding on all Certificants, regardless of their title, position, type of employment or method of compensation, and they govern all those who have the right to use the CFP marks, whether or not those marks are actually used. The universe of activities engaged in by a Certificant is diverse, and a Certificant may perform all, some or none of the typical services provided by Financial Planning professionals. Some Rules may not be applicable to a Certificant's specific activity. As a result, when considering the , the Certificant must determine whether a specific Rule is applicable to those services. A Certificant will be deemed to be in compliance with these Rules if that Certificant can demonstrate that his or her employer completed the required action.

Violations of the Rules of Conduct may subject a Certificant to discipline. Because FPSB India is a certifying and standards setting body for those individuals who have met and continue to meet FPSB India's initial and ongoing certification requirements, discipline extends to the rights of Certificants to use the CFP marks. Thus, the Rules are not designed to be a basis for legal liability to any third party.

Rules of Professional Conduct

Practice Guidelines

The Practice Guidelines describe best practices of Financial Planning professionals providing professional services related to the six elements of the Financial Planning process. Each Standard is a statement relating to an element of the Financial Planning process, followed by an explanation of the Standard and its relationship to the Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct . FPSB India in accordance with global standards developed the Practice Guidelines to advance professionalism in Financial Planning and enhance the value of the Financial Planning process, for the ultimate benefit of consumers of Financial Planning services.

Practice Standards

Disciplinary Rules

The Disciplinary Rules describe the procedures followed by FPSB India in enforcing the Rules of Conduct. The Disciplinary Rules provide a fair process pursuant to which Certificants are given notice of potential violations and an opportunity to be heard by Board of Professional Review.

Disciplinary Rules


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