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FPSB India’s Vision of success is professional voluntary Self-Regulation that fosters a Strong, Unified and Vibrant personal Financial Planning profession that ethically and competently serving increasingly greater numbers of individuals by helping them to make prudent financial decisions. This Financial Planning profession is characterized by the following:
Financial Planners are client-centered and differentiated from other financial service providers and advisors: Financial Planners is used by persons who follow the Financial Planning process and are capable and qualified to offer Objective, Integrated, and Comprehensive financial advice for the benefit of clients to help them achieve their financial goals.
In order to protect the public interest, it is expected that the government and the regulators are prohibiting unlicensed practice of Financial Planning because it poses a serious risk to the economic safety and well being of individuals: This is being accomplished in India through special identification of Financial Planners under the state statutes. It entails the adoption of a Financial Planners minimum competency examination that goes beyond a more limited investment adviser representative examination and is accomplished by appropriate government regulation as followed in other parts of the world.
Financial Planning organizations are collaborating to unify the profession around accepted standards, and cooperate to provide a single and consistent message for individuals, government, allied professionals and occupations, financial services providers, and the media: This is being accomplished nationally through the co-operation. Guidance of the Financial Planning Standards Board India & FPSB Council, and through license agreements, affiliations, and other arrangements. FPSB India shall establish a collective wisdom amongst the professionals from financial services (and other disciplines) under a common umbrella to serve the public. FPSB India shall endeavor to bring all the members of financial services community be it Brokers of BSE and/or NSE, Distributors, Members of ICAI, ICWA, ICSI, Actuarial society of India, Bar Council, lecturers, commodity brokers, journalists and professionals from the Industry on a common platform to participate in a community intending to bring about changes in the Financial services industry.
All Financial Planning practitioners, whether FPSB India Certified or not, are adhering to ethical and practice standards in serving their clients: The interest of clients comes first. Following the Financial Planning process helps assure such an outcome. Compliance with FPSB developed Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility and practice standards is expected of both the public and governmental bodies for all Financial Planners.
Professional Financial Planners and establishments are differentiated & distinguished from generic financial advisors & firms – who meet only minimum statutory compliance standards: Financial Planning Certification through authorized use of the CFP, marks distinguishes those who are competent to practice Financial Planning in professional manner. In summary, our Vision of success is individual recognition of Ethical Behavior and Practice Standards as established by FPSB India. The CFP, marks are nationally recognized as being at the highest standard of Financial Planning. We are envisioning the development and maintenance of a growing body of Financial Planning knowledge, recognized by the academic community and others. Government entities and other stakeholders should look to FPSB India for continuing guidance in defining, achieving, and maintaining high standards for Financial Planning. Current and potential Financial Planning practitioners and firms of all sizes should seek to achieve the marks and suitable rating standards for their inherent value as the certificate of distinction in the Financial Planning profession.
The marks CFP and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER is accepted Nationwide as being Financial Planning’s highest standard: Nationwide support and recognition for these distinguished marks, and the competency and ethical standards they represent, is provided by many – including Financial Planning and Financial services firms, Colleges and Universities, continuing Education Partners, Government, Regulators, Consumer Organizations, Financial Planning membership organizations, allied professions, the public at large, print and broadcast media.
The right to use these marks is sought by an increasing number of Financial Planning practitioners: Significant growth in the numbers of persons who have met and who continue to meet the rigorous initial and continuing certification requirements is occurring worldwide. This is benefiting the increasing number of people who need and want Financial Planning Services. FPSB India’s work with employers, educational institutions and others, career paths in Financial Planning is better developed, and the candidate pool for Certification is growing significantly.
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